OuterSpace Mobile Truck Art Gallery

An alternative to a traditional brick and mortar art gallery.

OuterSpace is a contemporary art gallery (housed in a customized cube van). A small, personal exhibition space with a reach not accessible by brick and mortar galleries. The flexibility of the gallery allows for pop-up shows and honest immersion within the community. The gallery was founded in 2013 and currently resides on the West Coast of Canada, in the capital city Victoria.

The curatorial focus of OuterSpace is to showcase the work of international contemporary artists and to bring the artist book to the forefront of exhibitions. Since 2003 Anteism has worked with artists on hybrid exhibitions / publications – OuterSpace is a glimpse at these collaborations.
OuterSpace provides flexible exhibition space to help artists explore territory that may not be represented by other commercial galleries. We also serve as a publishing platform to document these important emerging & mid-career artists through artist books and catalogs.