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Libera Network – Free Art Books!

Libera Network - Free digital art books and zines

An Offline Local Internet Dedicated To Art Books & Zines.

Libera is a "dark net" where users can view/download art books and communicate with other users in the local area.

Libera Network - Art Book & Zine sharing diagram

The Libera Network is a “local area - wireless internet” which hosts free digital copies of art books & zines. This network can be accessed by a visitor's phone or tablet,  users can view/download publications, communicate with others on the network and share their own titles with the library.

Libera is not connected to the "internet" like a normal wifi network, it is only available locally within range of a transmitter. By creating this virtual network, the project makes it possible for digital-format works to be part of an activity central to zine making—trading with others—and invites us to question the ways virtual and IRL networks can support the development of artistic communities around publication. With this project OuterSpace Gallery continues to explores the use of "space" in the presentation of art and media. The goal of the Libera network is to create an accessible method for local uncensored sharing and trade of information/art - similar to the zine and artist book communities.  This distribution network is not a replacement for print media but offers additional potential to the medium, utilizing tools the general public now possess such as mobile phones.

A decision was made to make Libera a local network instead of a website accessed over the internet. Although this limits the number of people who can access the hosted publications to users in the vicinity, this is also what makes Libera unique - by showcasing local user specific content, (cutting out the general noise of the internet) and protecting anonymity and censorship by Internet Service Providers and Government Agencies.

Interested in having your art book or zine in The Libera Network Library?

     • All publications on Libera must be arts related.
     • Libera does not host copyrighted material unless submitted by the creator.
     • Files must be in the .PDF or .EPUB format.
     • Supply your name or publishing house name + artist name / title of the publication

Send all submissions to ryanatouterspacegallerydotca

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